1912: Maiden voyage of the Titanic
1913: Factions in the U.S.A. succeed in their pursuit of aggressive Isolationist policies.
1914-17: Great War
1917: Great War concludes... Central Powers marginally victorious.
Harsh requirements are demanded of France, which loses Alsace-Lorraine and all foreign holdings. Britain concludes separate treaty, forced to decrease strengths of fleets in North Atlantic and to surrender some of its Pacific colonies. All French, British and Italian Colonial states in Africa fall under German jurisdiction.

Soviet uprisings in Russia, France and Serbia.
Georges Sorel’s Action Française comes to power in France, Bolshevik dictatorship seizes power in Russia.
An abortive attempt by the German coalition to aid the White Russians leads to the formation of a series of buffer states in Eastern Europe. The Duchy of Poland, and the Republics of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania are formed.
Women’s suffrage movements fail to gain momentum on an international scale. Limited voting rights extended to women for local and provincial elections.

1918: Punitive expeditions into Mexico lead to a brief bloody war between the U.S.A. and Mexico. The southern states, still recovering from the expense of the War of Northern Aggression, struggle with economic demands from the Federal Government.
Mexico’s defeat leads to civil unrest in Mexico. The subsequent revolution places Emiliano Zapata in power.

1919: Ottoman Empire fragments. A series of revolts culminate in German intervention. Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, Persia, Palestine and Iraq become independent nations under German protection.
1920: Georges Sorel assassinated. A proto-fascist government declares the formation of the Fourth Republic of France.
Prohibition declared in the U.S.A.
1922: Soviet-Polish War. Poland conquers Byelorussia
1925: Irish revolt suppressed by England with German military support. The Dublin Pact leads to the formation of a German-English alliance.
1928: Great Depression
1930: Texas secedes from Union. Germany and England recognise Texas as an independent nation.
1932: Formation of Second Confederacy incorporating Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. The remaining United States declare the establishment of the Northern Union.

Dissolution of Austro-Hungarian Empire. East Prussia, Germany, Austria and Hungary become Greater Germany.

1933: First Sino-Japanese War.
1934: Manchuria conquered by Japan and establishment of Manchukuo.
1936: Spanish civil war. France supports nationalists, U.S.S.R. supports loyalists. Franco gains power in Spain.
1937-41: Second Sino-Japanese War. Japanese victory. China is fragmented and incorporated into a Japanese Protectorate.
1939: Soviet-Finnish War. Soviet victory.
Mexico invades Cuba and begins its expansion into South America.
1940: Poland signs Danzig Treaty with Germany.
1941: February: Soviet Union invades Eastern Europe at the behest of regional Communist factions. Greater Germany protests Soviet incursions.
U.S.S.R. forms pact with Fascist France. France reoccupies Southern landholdings in Luxembourg.
April: U.S.S.R. Invades Poland
Germany honours the Danzig Treaty declaring war on the U.S.S.R.
May: French and Spanish forces re-occupy Alsace-Lorraine. Fascist Italy declares war on Germany.
August: British Expeditionary Forces land at Dunkirk German tanks breakthrough French-Spanish forces. Paris falls, Spain offers a conditional surrender. The Bourbon monarchy is restored in France and Spain.
October: German-Polish forces push Soviets back into Eastern Russia
Early heavy Russian Winter leads to dead-lock.
1942: March: Japan declares war on U.S.S.R.
Greater Germany concludes peace with Italy. German forces hailed as liberators in Eastern Europe.
August: Turkey declares war on U.S.S.R.
September: Finland declares war on U.S.S.R. Moscow falls, Leningrad falls, Irkutsk and Tiksi fall to the Japanese.
November: U.S.S.R. surrenders unconditionally.
1943: February: Mexico declares war on the Confederacy. The First Ranger War concludes in stalemate.
June: Tsar Nicholas II restored to the Russian throne, U.S.S.R dismantled. Japan retains small portion of Eastern Russia. Eastern Europe regains autonomy.
1941-48: John Jacob Astor elected thirty-fourth President of the Union.
1945: Japan occupies French-Indochina, posing a threat to the Philippines and Union Protectorates elsewhere. The Union places an embargo on Japanese trade.
Japan signs non-aggression pact with Greater Germany.
1946: Diplomatic overtures fail to resolve Japanese-Union relations. Japan attacks Pearl Harbour and seizes English and Union holdings in the Pacific. The Confederacy does not lend military support. Germany intercedes on behalf of England, whose holdings are spared on their assurance of non-intervention. Australia and New Zealand offer military support to the Union.
1948: Union defeated. Cedes Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, and West coast ports to Japan. New York is occupied and established as a Japanese Protectorate. Australia and New Zealand occupied and developed as penal colonies for Chinese political prisoners. Japan concludes eleven years of almost consecutive warfare.
1949: Formation of “Congress of Nations”.
1951: Formation of League of Arab Nations.
1953: German Colonial Wars: Failed attempts by African nations to obtain Independence.
1954: Emperor Hirohito reinstates the office of Shogunate. The Japanese empire is apportioned into Eastern and Western regions under the auspices of his two sons.
1955-70: Minor conflicts occur in the Balkans, Middle-East, Asia-Minor, South America, and Africa. Greater Germany and Imperial Japan intervene within their spheres of influence.
1977: Middle-East Oil Crisis.
1981: Germany seizes Suez region with English support.
1994: Second Ranger war concludes with a decisive Confederate victory.
2002: Initial testing of Atomic devices in North Africa by Greater Germany.
2005: Japanese perform Atomic testing in Pacific.
2012: March: Japanese and Russian forces clash in Manchuria and Mongolia.
April: Centennial voyage of the Titanic.
The Company of the Dead commences.