Folks, I ain’t much of a blogger but I’m here to help.

I will be posting stuff I hope is relevant, from time to time. Feel free to comment or drop me a line if you feel inspired.

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  1. Stephen Lent Says:

    Dear Dr. Kawalski:

    I’m sure you’re used to receiving fan mail from America, but mine is a little different. A month or so ago, I ran across an ad for The Company of the Dead on Amazon and since I have an interest in alternate history (love H. Beam Piper, Bill Forstchen, Taylor Anderson, and Harry Turtledove to name a few authors). But yours so impressed me, I had to spend and hour or so on the Internet searching Australian bookstores to find a first edition (which arrived today).

    Looking forward to your next novel. As an aside, my wife worked as an L&D Nurse for several years until she broke a bone in her ankle.


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